Long wait is over!

For the past two weeks the team has been tirelessly following up orders and dispatching neo boards out to their new owners!

We currently still have a big back log of orders that we are completing! so we appreciate your patience!

Orders that have been paid in full have all been shipped out, and you should be expecting it this week if you haven’t got it already!

For all other orders our sales team have been calling up customers on the list to make the final payment prior to shipping.

If you still have an outstanding payment and haven’t yet received a call please contact us on 1800 85 77 00 to make your final payment over the phone!

Already some of our products are out of stock and we will be expecting another batch of stock coming in shortly.

We looking forward to hear about all the FUN your having with your new neo boards!

Thank you

neo team!

Fresh 927 very first Neo Board race! with Ben & Liam

We had an amazing time sponsoring Fresh 927’s bad boys Ben & Liam with their very first Neo board race!

We spent the afternoon down at the Clipsal 500 race track in Adelaide. Where we set up the race course and made preparations for the big race!

It was a gloomy day, and quite windy! however the racers were not at all concerned! they were focused and pumped to get started.

It was an extremely slow start………. however once the racers found their momentum there was no stopping them!

So who came out on top? who won the big Neo board race?!

To find out more and to watch the full video go to this link neo board big race!


neo boards on the Mark & Chris Show!

Neo Boards YouTube Segment!

We had the opportunity to be featured on the Mark & Chris Show! it was such a fun experience doing a YouTube segment at the Royal Adelaide Show! Follow the link to watch the full episode – Neo Boards YouTube Episode

The boys had the opportunity to have some fun neo boarding at our stall at the Royal Adelaide Show. They experienced first hand how easy it was to learn and how effortlessly they can move with the neo boards! Neo boards is the future of short distance travel, suited for indoors/outdoors activity. You can neo board on different terrains such as concrete, tiles, grass, and carpet.

As Peter mentioned in the video in the next few months you will see how neo boards can become a lifestyle more than just a trend, as it is already happening overseas in countries such as USA and Europe. Where they use it as part of their everyday lifestyle not only just to have fun!

Get on board today! experience for yourself the neo board difference!

Neo boards – A Fun Way To Move!

Royal Adelaide Show Launch Day!

Official neo launch success!

What a fantastic start to the Adelaide show! The crowds that we’ve pulled in is so overwhelming! #teamneo has been busy all day!

Everyone couldn’t wait to get on and start #neoboarding. Our line up was huge! and it remain that way all day, we would like to give a shout out to our staff #teamneo for their hard work and dedication! They really took the time and effort to train everyone who wanted a go! Go team!

If you haven’t already come visit us at the Jubilee Pavilion at the Royal Adelaide Show! (K2) We are next to the Ferris Wheel!

Official Launch neo boards Australia!

Official launch of neo tomorrow at the Royal Adelaide Show! Find us at the Jubliee Pavillion (K4) near the Ferris wheel!

We will have a few demo neo boards available for everyone to have a go! #neoboarding is easy to learn and extremely addictive! the more time you spend on it the more you’ll love it! Our friendly staff will be by your side every step of the way, they will educate you on the device and also give you the basic training you need to start #neoboarding .

visit our website www.neoboard.com.au for more information.

See you all soon!


Check out these Flyers!

If your heading to the Royal Adelaide Show, don’t pass on these awesome flyers!

We are running a special promotion only available at the Royal Adelaide Show, we are giving everyone a chance to get some HUGE SAVINGS on their next purchase of a neo board! Keep your eyes out for us, although we will be very hard to miss!

We will be having demo devices on the day for everyone to jump on and have a go! Its so easy to learn and you will get addicted!

Young children are welcome to try however they must wear protective gear, helmet and pads for protection. Please give us a hand and supervise your children as they learn how to #neoboard, they will be #neoboarding in no time!

See you all in two days!


Royal Adelaide Show!

Only two days to go till the Royal Adelaide Show!

We are so excited and busy getting everything ready in time for the show! Our banners and promo tees looks fantastic, the stall that we have is just huge! We can’t wait for everything else to come and time to showcase our products to you all!

Remember if you come and visit our stall at the Adelaide show we have a surprise for you! We will be running a Adelaide Show promotion that will save you money on your next purchase of a neo board!

Don’t miss out! See you all soon!

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