neo boards on the Mark & Chris Show!

Neo Boards YouTube Segment!

We had the opportunity to be featured on the Mark & Chris Show! it was such a fun experience doing a YouTube segment at the Royal Adelaide Show! Follow the link to watch the full episode – Neo Boards YouTube Episode

The boys had the opportunity to have some fun neo boarding at our stall at the Royal Adelaide Show. They experienced first hand how easy it was to learn and how effortlessly they can move with the neo boards! Neo boards is the future of short distance travel, suited for indoors/outdoors activity. You can neo board on different terrains such as concrete, tiles, grass, and carpet.

As Peter mentioned in the video in the next few months you will see how neo boards can become a lifestyle more than just a trend, as it is already happening overseas in countries such as USA and Europe. Where they use it as part of their everyday lifestyle not only just to have fun!

Get on board today! experience for yourself the neo board difference!

Neo boards – A Fun Way To Move!

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